SES Executive Team & Crew

New York & The Seven Seas

Subsea Environmental Services Executive Team

With over 100 years experience in the marine industry, the SES team is able to leverage its knowledge and relationships in all areas of the business and operations. From our headquarters in New York City and through our global network of agents and partners, our team employs the combined expertise and knowledge base of the best people, processes, and practices.

John Theodoracopulos
Managing Partner – New York
John has 30 years experience in both the marine and telecoms industries and has run SES since the company commenced cable recovery operations in 2014.

Simon Appleby
Planning, Development & Research – Europe
Simon has over 30 years of project management experience. He has a BSc with a concentration in Environmental Sciences and an MBA. Simon is based in Europe.

JP Chisholm
Operations & Logistics – New York
JP has over 15 years experience in investment management and capital markets and is responsible for general management, daily marine operations and logistics.

John Mortsakis
Advisor Marine Operations & Logistics – New York
John has over 50 years experience in the marine industry and provides technical and operational guidance at all levels. He is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy.

Jay Snyder
Partner & Strategic Advisor – New York
Jay has almost 40 years of business and public sector experience and provides strategic and business development support.

Sebastian Stephens
Founder & Advisor Submarine Systems – Worldwide
Sebastian has over 30 years experience in the telecommunications and submarine cable business.

Juan Puente
Founder & Partner  – Madrid
Juan has a degree in Economics and post graduate studies in IESE Business School, University of Navarra. He is a pioneer in leading online business and has a proven record of more than 25 years developing innovating solutions in different sectors.

Subsea Environmental Services Crew

Our sea-going crews continue to be one of our greatest assets as we grow our franchise and reputation as the most reliable partner in the industry.