SES is a privately owned, independent environmental marine services company based in New York City.


SES purchased its first coaxial cable in 2012 and commenced marine operations in 2014. Since then, the company has recovered 27,000 kilometers of submarine cable, more than any other party during this period and has evolved from a promising concept into a viable, sustainable business.

Only a small percentage of Out-Of-Service telegraph, coaxial and fiber optic cable has been recovered to date and every year more systems are laid on the seabed.

As new technology makes older systems redundant, these OOS cables present a significant opportunity for recycling as their constituent materials are of the highest quality and thus can be efficiently reintroduced into manufacturing processes.

Responsible corporate behavior reaps significant benefits for stakeholders as well as the global ecosystem. Resource efficiency and a legacy of good stewardship are two driving principles for SES.


To put this into context, the 27,000 kilometers of outdated and retired submarine cable SES has removed from the ocean floor represents over 45,000 Metric Tons of man-made material re-introduced into the World’s supply chain.

This material includes ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and plastics, all of the highest quality.

We believe profit and purpose are not mutually exclusive and that recycling these cables is both a viable and smart proposition to source raw materials while simultaneously demonstrating marine environmental leadership.

Additional benefits include a significant reduction in CO2 output, when compared to the production of like materials from virgin feed-stock, as well as the opportunity for our partners and clients to improve their sustainability reporting.

Developing sustainable business while simultaneously helping to restore the marine environment to its natural state.

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